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Joe Hesh and Caleb brought a dizzying mix of acoustic, jazz, folk and powerpop fusions, displaying influences from Coltrane to Coldplay, James Taylor to Taylor Swift, old school jazz and new school pop. They feel right at home with their three part harmony mix of things in a smaller parlor setting like Borders, an outdoor street setting, or with a power band and a dance floor. The inner guts of the Caleb soul involved power three part adventures, normally textured by the talented and innovative smooth seconds and stylings of Lori Clemmer from Souderton, PA, joined by the tenor male vocals by singer/songwriter Joe Hesh who also does keyboards, guitars, and midi trackings for the arrangements. Several sopranos had seasons singing melody over these rich chordal movements, but the prime time soprano was Cindy Weir, who became a solid fixture on the Caleb albums, the album from Calvary Church called "Hope", and the active gigging of the Caleb group from 1998-2007 when she retired. Joe and Lori took the group from its rich history and reformatted their vocal patterns to dyadic singing above guitar, piano, the cello of Judy Jenkins from Harleysville, and the mandolin and guitar improvisations of Larry Royce of Sellersville. This version of Caleb is actively performing but has not recorded as of this date.


These albums are reminiscent of their power pop days, singing above live guitar and the midi renderings of singer/songwriter Joe Hesh. Both albums were recorded at Aspenbreeze Studios in Colorado Springs, CO in 2005. 



A Caleb Christmas  - 13  vocal songs. 

13 traditional Christmas songs with new arrangements. recorded by Cindy Weir, Lori Clemmer, Jeff Nicholson, and Joe Hesh.


What is hard about Christmas is that as our society plunges more and more headlong into the tolerant mush of multiple beliefs, most new Christmas music is non-religious, secular, lovey-dovey, in par with the gift giving and receiving that makes the world go ‘round at year’s end. So, there is little market or desire for new religious Christmas music, since the holiday is so firmly rooted in traditions of the past. I say, “Too bad.” My King Jesus gets new gifts every year from me as a songwriter, and this album has some of my favorites, and I am banking on the fact that those who know God now or will know Him in the years to come will not only desire new expressions of seasonal faith, but will thirst for it, blending, creating, and dancing new tunes and lyrics with the same great message of love and redemption that has made the urgency of torch bringing and torch bearing timely, seasonal, and fully necessary. - Joe Hesh

Long Haul Baby  - 15 original vocal songs. 
15 selections that span the last 13 years in the songwriting history of Joe Hesh, recorded by Cindy Weir, Lori Clemmer, Jeff Nicholson, and Joe Hesh.


"I believe it was jazz pianist Eubie Blake who said, "Music is where we shake the dust off life's sandals." If that is true, Caleb has had a whole lot of shaking going on for ten years going on eleven.  The group was founded to try to match story-based and parable-driven songs with a generation that was pretty much starting to tune out conventional approaches, music and methods. As a singer-songwriter, I believe Caleb has been a gift from God to me, and the experiences we have shared are too rich, too meaningful, and too personal to really put into words.  It truly has been a "Long Haul, Baby."             - Joe Hesh

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